Let's Wind Up the Rumor Mill

Why the car photo above you ask?

Read on to discover the answer and more about all the rumors surrounding Apple product releases.

(Next week iOS 8 and Yosemite news will be back, there just wasn't much to discuss this week.)


Yes, that is the iPhone 6.  No, that is not an official picture (sadly).  And, yes, that is TWO screen sizes. The next Apple smartphone is always a topic of crazy speculation. The iPhone 5 was rumored to have had a holographic keyboard! However, as we get closer to the rumored release date of the 4.7 inch iPhone (iPhone 5 is 4 inches) in the fall, new leaks may be coming directly from the manufacturers who have already started production. Parts (possibly from the new phones) are flying out of China despite Apple's reknowned security efforts.  Batteries, backlights, rear plates, screens, and more have been reported on and they all point to two new bigger devices.

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 10.14.56 AM.png
Artist rendition (no prototype yet)

Artist rendition (no prototype yet)

Apple isn't holding back on making this their most innovative year yet with another big product release on the horizon. The Apple iWatch, also due this fall, is rumored to be a device that will compete with watches in all price ranges, even ones above $1000 and will include a multitude of health sensors that can sync to your iPhone or iPad.

Last week, in their continuing efforts to reach a wider market, released a new cheaper 21.5" iMac starting at $1099 dollars. This new machine is $200 less than the previous least expensive model. Apple accomplished this by removing a bit of memory and power, but leaving it a very strong device for 99% of tasks. The new iMac is already on sale on Apple's website.

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 9.08.56 AM.png

As a huge gearhead and Apple fanboy, anything that brings them together is good with me. Recently Apple announced CarPlay, what happens when Siri and your car have a child. CarPlay will be available on cars from many premier (yes, BMW, hence the banner photo) and regular brands such as Ford and Volvo. The system will fully integrate Siri, your iPod, Phone, Messages and yes... Apple Maps.  Don't worry, however, while most have just switched back to Google Maps, Apple has been busy on their maps service.  I was surprised when I accidentally used Apple Maps a few weeks ago and found it nearly on par with Google.  By the time CarPlay has found its way into your car Apple Maps may even be the better service (and it's already miles ahead of every car manufacturers' built in GPS.)

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