iPhone Battery Program

Thanks for reaching out regarding Apple's iPhone battery program iPhone 6 and newer. This page contains key information regarding this service and your options at SCOUT. This includes price, appointments, turn around time, and part availability. Keep in mind that Apple is offering this program until the end of 2018. 


before your bring your device in for service

Please read this entire page so you know what to expect!

Make sure your device is backed up, and you've completed the steps on Getting your iPhone Ready for Service. 

Email us with any questions you have. service@wearescout.com



We are able to match the $29 pricing (plus tax) that Apple is currently advertising. 



At this time, you DO need an appointment at SCOUT to have your battery replaced. Please note, having an appointment does not mean SCOUT has the batteries in stock. You do need to visit our location to set up a part order. Appointments can only be booked through Apple's reservation system. You can book this appointment via the Apple Support iOS app, or by visiting locate.apple.com or support.apple.com. If there are no appointments available, that means we are at capacity. Check back in a few days. 

When you come in for your appointment, we will run Apple's full iOS diagnostics on your phone, inform you of part availability, and let you know the next steps. 


turn around time

Turn around time can vary depending on the amount of iPhone repairs we have on deck. iPhones dropped off later in the afternoon may not be ready until the next day. Feel free to call the day of your appointment for details. 


Service Considerations

We must be able to successfully and safely remove the battery from your iPhone. If we are unable to, we will have to send your phone out to Apple's repair depot. The depot repair process takes 5-7 days. We do not have loaner phones. 

If you have had a third party (non-Apple authorized repair) screen replacement or other repair: We cannot guarantee that we will be able to perform the repair without damaging your device. More often than not third party screen or glass replacements are damaged when we open the phone. SCOUT is not liable for damage that occurs to your device while opening it due to third party repairs or other modifications. 


Inventory and part AVAILABILITY

Demand is currently high for this program, as a result inventory for batteries is quite constrained at this time from Apple. In the event we are out of stock of the battery for your phone, we will order one. When the battery comes in, you will have two business days to drop your phone off for service. We will email you when your part comes in. You do not need an appointment to drop your device off.

If you do not drop your device off for service with us within 2 business days, we will release that battery inventory to another customer.