What is iCloud!?

iCloud... What Does It Do?

If I had a dollar for every family member, client, or even tech-savvy friend who asked me what iCloud actually does I would be, well, a few dollars richer.  My goal here is to answer that question once and for all.  

One year ago Apple claimed that there were over 300 million iCloud accounts, which means that if it continued to grow at a similar rate there would be far more iCloud accounts today then people in the United States.  Now with the release of iOS 8 and Yosemite iCloud is getting a touch-up.


@icloud.com, @me.com, @mac.com. Despite having changed faces many times in its history, Apple's mail service has remained a strong force in the email market.  In the past iCloud mail has been pretty indistinguishable from the pack.  Not anymore, as Yosemite brings many big changes in the attachment department.  New features have been added that allow you to edit documents and images in the email itself, including a way to sign and fill out forms without them ever leaving the message.  There is also a new feature that will allow users to send files up to 5gb per message.  When a huge file is sent the file is uploaded to a server and the recipient of the email gets a link to retrieve it, all of which is done automatically.

Mail isn't the only of Apple's messaging services to get an update.  The desktop version of their texting app has also gained a few new tricks, first of which is the ability to SMS.  That means that, as long as your iPhone is nearby, you can even send the green messages to non-iPhones.  Most importantly however, is the ability to LEAVE GROUP MESSAGES.  yes, it is finally possible, Apple listened and now you never have to receive 100 unwanted notifications from a group chat you don't care about.


Sorry about the length of this one, it got sent out early.  Next week I'll discuss more of the features of iCloud, focusing on the more storage related functions.